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Can I Take Down My Own Chimney Stack?

Poujoulat Wales has noticed on many forums that people believe that they can take down their chimney stack of their own accord. Whilst it is true that you can remove your own chimney stack, you have to do it in accordance with Building Regulations. Many people are unaware that you need to have Building Regulations […]

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Why Do I Need To Line My Chimney?

Lining Your Chimney Is Important! If you have a stove in your home, for it to work correctly then it has to be connected to a good solid chimney and the correct sized flue for it. Your chimney essentially removes the products of combustion from the appliance in your home and transfers them outside of […]

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When Should You Get Your Chimney Flue Cleaned?

There is no steadfast rule about how often you should get your chimney flue cleaned. However we will try and explain to you in this article how to check your chimney to see if it needs cleaning. It is essential that you do this because a clean chimney greatly reduces the risk of a chimney […]

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